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California AB88, Labeling of GMO Food Bill Fails to Pass

There are 9 politicians we have elected voted NO to mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food. After all, money IS more important than health.  Please take time to call, write, or visit your representatives to let them know what your concern is.

California AB 88 voting record Update…


Jan. 19, 2012

In committee: Set, second hearing. Failed passage.

Vote: Asm Appropriations

FAIL                             Motion: Do pass.

Ayes: 7                                        Noes: 9

Tom Ammiano                      Nora Campos     Charles Calderon

Steven Bradford                    Tim Donnelly     Isadore Hall

Wesley Chesbro                    Diane Harkey      Jim Nielsen

Felipe Fuentes                       Chris Norby        Jose Solorio

Mike Gatto                            Donald Wagner

Jerry Hill

Holly Mitchell

Abstain: 1

Bob Blumenfield