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Stop Smart Meters Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                     Contact: Joshua Hart
Monday January 30, 2012                     Spokesperson, Stop Smart Meters!


Critics say Extortionate Fees are Illegal; Entire Program Should be Scrapped

San Francisco — The California Public Utilities Commission—whose members are appointed by the Governor, not elected by the people—is set to vote on a plan this Wednesday to charge Californians hundreds of dollars per year simply to retain standard electric and gas analog meters on their homes.

The vote comes amidst a growing controversy over the health impacts, safety, and privacy violations of the meters being deployed in California and around the world. Opponents point to widely reported health symptoms as one reason for the lack of public acceptance of smart grid technology- a movement which has frequently flared into open rebellion, and say that fees are only being implemented to tamp down a wider rejection of the meters. Studies done by the utility industry indicate that if the opt out were free, 40-60% of ratepayers would choose to take advantage of it.  A large proportion of households deciding to opt out could lead to a possible collapse of the wireless mesh network that utilities like PG&E have already spent billions of ratepayer dollars on, so far with little but customer complaints to show for it. Electrosensitive individuals are opposing the fees, comparing the policy to charging disabled people to access a wheelchair ramp.

“Charging people with electro-sensitivity-who cannot tolerate smart meter radiation- extra on their utility bills, simply because the utilities neglected to consult with their customer base prior to roll-out, is extortion (a kind of “protection racket”) and violates the state utility code prohibiting discrimination based on disability. Once again the PUC is failing to put public safety first, and Governor Brown’s appointees are apparently no exception,” said Joshua Hart, Spokesperson for CA-based StopSmart Meters!


California AB88, Labeling of GMO Food Bill Fails to Pass

There are 9 politicians we have elected voted NO to mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food. After all, money IS more important than health.  Please take time to call, write, or visit your representatives to let them know what your concern is.

California AB 88 voting record Update…


Jan. 19, 2012

In committee: Set, second hearing. Failed passage.

Vote: Asm Appropriations

FAIL                             Motion: Do pass.

Ayes: 7                                        Noes: 9

Tom Ammiano                      Nora Campos     Charles Calderon

Steven Bradford                    Tim Donnelly     Isadore Hall

Wesley Chesbro                    Diane Harkey      Jim Nielsen

Felipe Fuentes                       Chris Norby        Jose Solorio

Mike Gatto                            Donald Wagner

Jerry Hill

Holly Mitchell

Abstain: 1

Bob Blumenfield

Protect Our Supplements

  Dietary supplements are big business.  They take in billions of dollars in sales every year. Consequently, with the help of our politicians and news media, the pharmaceutical industry would do anything to protect their market shares.

In addition, prevention is not the main focus of the pharmaceutical industry in the US.  The reason is because they don’t make money when we are healthy.  The same goes for the politician, i.e. they don’t get contributions when there is no crisis. Also, if the media did its job in reporting about the pharmaceutical industry they would not get the advertising funds from the pharmaceutical interests.

The scenario looks like this:

Over-the-counter dietary supplements are the primary source of competition for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Americans spend $27 billion on dietary supplements; pharmaceutical interests want to re-route the money to their bottom line.
  • In order for the federal government and the medical industry to control health care completely, over-the-counter supplements must be banned or reduced to an ineffective dosage.
  • With Medicare spending projected to increase to $900 billion by 2018, the Feds are looking for ways to trim cost and dietary supplements are on the Feds’ radar screen as a cost-cutting measure, thus providing more incentive for pharmaceutical interests to gain control of supplements.
  • DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) presents a problem for conventional medicine. DSHEA gives Americans the right to purchase safe, over-the-counter supplements in useful dosages.
  • The FDA is currently attempting to undermine and re-write DSHEA by re-defining the terms regulating dietary supplements in its new Draft Guidance.  NDI (new dietary ingredients) is a side door which provides an indirect way to decimate the dietary supplement industry by increasing the cost to manufacturers in the name of providing a higher degree of “safety” for products appearing on the market after 1994, resulting in increased seizure of products and driving smaller companies out of business.  The newer products which could disappear include supplements such as the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10, Resveratrol, Grape Seed Extract, Pycnogenol,  Alpha Lipoic Acid, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Green Tea Extract, etc. Details may be found in the FDA’s “Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredients: Notifications and Related Issues.”
  • On the international front, the U.S. signed the World Health Organization’s trade agreement, Codex Alimentarius, which may supersede the laws of the countries signing it. Countries not in compliance are considered holdouts and may not be allowed to trade. Codex has the potential to override our DSHEA if the FDA doesn’t undercut it first.
  • When pharmaceutical interests control the supplement industry, conventional medicine will control health care options.

We depend on supplements to support our health, especially for many who take prescription drugs. A take-over of dietary supplements by conventional medicine is not acceptable.


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Public Blood Drive

American Red Cross Public Blood Drive at Hayward City Hall Plaza

Cost: Free –

The American Red Cross is holding a public blood drive at Hayward City Hall in the American Red Cross Bus, 777 B St., Hayward. Call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or go to (Sponsor Code: HAYWARD84) to schedule an appointment.

Blood is needed by accident and trauma victims, premature babies, and patients undergoing treatment for cancer and many other life-threatening diseases. Volunteer blood donations help to ensure blood is there when it is needed.

One donation may help save the lives of up to three people.

Master Gardening Classes

Classes are open to the public

Thursday, December 8th, 7PM to 9PM, at the Gilroy Grange Hall, 8191 Swanston Ln, Gilroy, 95020.

December Speaker: Aaron Dillon, 4th generation of Four Winds Nursery.

January will have Bader speaking about grafting.

February will have  local nursery owners (Nancy Schramm of Carmens Nursery and Sherry Hall of Terra Sole Nursery talk about “pop-up sales” and  dividing perennials.

Roundtable is open to the public, so you may bring your friends and neighbors. No RSVP needed.