About Us

God creates an environment to produce foods before he creates men. Food and water are the essential necessary to our survival. Over the years, Amino Acid and mineral had gradually depleted in our soil. GMO (Genetically-modified organism) and pesticide foods were also being produced and consumed heavily, only a handful of small farmers keep non-GM produce and be proud of their efforts. Medical researchers and scientists were doing marvelous jobs to improve our health.  Medical staffs on the field work day and night to save lives, and FDA works diligently to regulate what they think it’s best for us. However, we have more cancer patients and diseases than couple decade ago. What’s wrong in this picture?

Over-regulation may be the answer to the problem. Politic does have a great impact in the process of our healing and disease prevention. I believe we need to pay more attention to what we are consuming in the food chain. My blog will focus in sharing information on regulations; nutrition; political influences; alternative and modern remedy. Information is still the king of the decision-making to support an optimal health.