Food Police in North Carolina.

Official Investigation Review

Before reading the review note:

1) My site had a disclaimer page but it was not on the ‘front page’, it was in a menu. It has since been made visible on every page.

2) I agreed to take down the ‘Diabetes Support” page.  It’s a page few people new about, I did not ‘promote it’ but people could become my client and I would assist them doing what I had done, for a fee.  My earnings were meager and I left the link up there just in case someone wanted my assistance.

As many of you know… I provide much more support… absolutely free. 🙂

I mention all this because you will see a reference in the review document (below) that it was not taken down.  I removed it from the menu and in my error, I thought that was enough but the ‘link’ was still live.  Someone would have had to know the full web address of the link to access it… and trust me, I was not earning enough money to even pay for site maintenance… it’s not a big deal to remove.

So … without further delay … here is the official investigation review link.  ( Website_Review_Cooksey_Jan._2012)

What Now?

I need your help … if you know of an attorney who would help me with this … please have them contact me.

Thank you! 🙂


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