To Inform Anthem Members Who Use Walgreens

December 27, 2011

Starting January 1, 2012, Walgreens and its sister stores, Duane Reade’s, Happy Harry’s or Option Care, are no longer in network.

We have sent many communications across all lines of business over the last two months to try to limit disruption. We are also calling our members who may be affected.

We are making automated calls to the following:

  • Members who visit a Walgreens on or after January 1, 2012, and the claim is rejected (because Walgreens is no longer in network)
  • Members who use Walgreens, are on maintenance medication(s) and are approaching their refill date
  • Members who use Walgreens, are on maintenance medication(s) and missed their refill window

The automated call script is designed to help members move their  prescriptions to an in-network pharmacy and avoid disruption.  We will run this campaign through February.

An employer email is planned for the week of January 9. Please call your sales representative with questions.

This article applies to:

·         California, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, New York, Nevada, New Hampshire, Missouri, Maine, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Connecticut, and Colorado

·         Small group (2-50 employees), Large group (50-1000 employees), Individual (under 65), Senior, and Medicare


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