Chemtrails or Dust

Chemtrails or Dust

By  Ginny Linn

The following article in The Sacramento Bee is misleading (that’s putting it mildly).  It tries to blame the increase in asthma on dust!  When in reality it is from the “weather modification” taking place on an ever increasing rate throughout the West, as well as the rest of the nation and the world.  It is known that there is an epidemic of asthma related illness (I’m one of them, and I have NEVER smoked).  We must ask ourselves WHY?. Dust, you’ve got to be kidding!

All one has to do is start looking up and becoming aware of the white planes, and long white lines coming from the planes that spread out and cover our blue skies.  The sun is not being allowed to shine through and warm the earth; it is also interfering with our ability to produce Vitamin D3 which is a hormone that comes naturally from the sun!  Without it we MUST take supplements or we will increase our susceptibility to cancer  In Sacramento and it’s surrounding areas, there has NOT been a blue sky in over a week.  We are completely covered in a white, milky haze.  Due diligence is in order.  Please research weather modification, chemtrails, and contrails to become educated on the differences. Don’t let newspapers like The Sacramento Bee or the New York Times tell you what the truth is; discover it for yourself.

Fallout far-reaching as dust kicks up in West

High winds blow dust over a car near San Bernardino last February. More dust appears to be getting whipped up in the West, affecting the economic and environmental life of cities and suburbs throughout the region. The dust’s main source is the Colorado Plateau, which stretches over four states.
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